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Warranty on bow

  A few words about the warranty. There are quite a lot of companies that produce compound bows in the world. But only three of them - HOYT, MATHES and PRIME are giving a real, lifetime warranty to the original buyer. The warranty covers all manufacturer defects in the arms, shoulders, blocks, and cable outlet systems.
  Warranty does not cover any mechanical damages of the lacquer coating and painting of the bow, also the warranty does not cover the bow strings and cables (exception is PRIME, but more information will be provided later) and a blank shot.
Blank shot is a shot without the arrow. Modern bows are high-precision weapons, in which everything is calculated. When fired without the arrow, the carrying capacity of all the units in a bow is exceeded, which may be a cause of further failure. Typically, after the blank shot it is necessary to replace the limbs and blocks. And even if you just slipped off the bow string and there is no visual damage, there might be a broken geometry in the blocks and microcracks can appear in the limbs.
The most extended warranty from PRIME includes five points:
  • Lifetime warranty: warranty from the manufacturer applies to your bow Prime series. Covering manufacturing faults, approved by the manufacturer on the limbs, blocks and drainage system cables for the lifetime of the bow. It is important that the bow is in the use of the original buyer (the bow was not resold!).
  • Lifetime replacement of cables and bowstrings: Used for the first time in the industry. Owners of the Prime series products are eligible to receive a free set of bowstrings and cables every two years, provided that the bow is in its original buyer’s ownership (has not been resold!). Service is provided by the dealer where the bow was purchased.
  • Warranty “ambulance”: all warranty items will be sent within 48 hours to ensure maximum delivery speed.
  • 100 shots before the sale: it is necessary to be done for bowstring tension to become optimal, to avoid refunds or dissatisfaction of customers after the acquisition of the bows.
  • The first installation program: for greater certainty when shooting in the field or a dash, you get the opportunity to tune your bow in the first 6 months at the dealer from which you purchased the bow.
  Warranty applies to compound bows from Hoyt company, made in 2002 and later. The warranty does not apply to bows purchased by mail or from online stores. (According to Hoyt official web-page: “Bows purchased over the internet or through mail order void all warranty”).
  Factory warranty is applied to all bows from Hoyt, Mathews and Prime, purchased from our store.
  We are the official representative of Archery Unlimited Oy (Finland), which is the official dealer of such brands as Hoyt, Mathews, Prime, Easton.
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