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Repair bow, assembly bow and bow tuning

Full assembly and adjustment of the compound bow with installation of limbs, peep sights, sight windows. Adjustment of arrow flight and regulating bow balance in hooter-shooter. Measuring the speed of arrow.
Assembling classic bows, with installation of arrow shelves or arrow rest plunger and adjusment of bow balance.
Regulation of compound bows: ajustment of ATA, base, timing, arrows selection. Regulating arrow's flight initial trajectory in Hooter-Shooter, adjustment of bow balance. Measuring arrow flight speed.
Replacement of string and cables at compound bows.
Replacement of string and cables (produced by Archery Unlimited Oy) at compound bows
Syncronization of a compound bow in Hooter-Shooter machine and selection of proper arrows.
Draw length ajustment.
After-sale service: fault detection (inspection of bow, cables, cams, string) waxing of cables and string, lubrication of cam bearings).
Repair bowstring (replacement of the central winding) without removing it from the bow. Cost of materials is included in the cost of the service.
String or cable repair (rewinding) with partial dismantling of bow. Cost of materials is included in the cost of service.
Installation of string nock at compound bow string.
Installation of string nock at classing bow string.
Installing a peep sight.
Custom repair.
negotiated price
Custom arrows.
Assembling of the kit of arrows (sports, hunting) 12 pcs
Assembling of the kit of arrows Easton x10, ACE, ACG, Carb1 (the highest class arrows)
Assembling of wooden arrow.
40 руб
Assembly of the kit of wooden arrows.
Strings are manufactured in Finland in our Super Server string machine. Before twisting and winding string it is extended in the Super Server with tensile strengh of 420 lbs.
During the entire manufacturing process the sting remains extended at 420 lbs tensile strength. Bow strings manufactured by Archery Unlimited DO NOT STRECH!
Lead time for string manufacturing is 1 - 3 days.
A ProComp (compound bow) set price is 2280 RUR (price example).
Price depends on bow type, sting color and customer's choice of materials.
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We also repare bows. You can always count on our help in this matter. See our price list for standard services that is given below. You are always welcome to contact us and ask your question.